I recorded all footage in-game using the Star Citizen ‘Director’s Mode’ which is a third-person cinematic camera for a great immersive experience.
I used a Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick for the camera movements.
Video was edited in Adobe Premiere.
Sound Design, edit, and Mix were done in ProTools.
Dialogue – Apollo 13 movie soundtrack: #8 Launch Control
Music – Dredd movie soundtrack: #1 She’s a Pass
Gameplay sound effects were recorded from Star Citizen then edited / redesigned, and mixed.
All Star Citizen video footage was recorded in-game on a live server.

Video edited in Adobe Premiere.
Sound Design and Mix in Avid ProTools.
Music – Tron Legacy: Reconfigured soundtrack: Fall – Daft Punk
Footage from Star Citizen videos.
All video rights belong to Cloud Imperium Games.
All music rights belong to Walt Disney Pictures.

Footage recorded in-game with Fraps.
Video edited in Final Cut Pro X.
Music – The Glitch Mob: We Can Make The World Stop